As National Geographic Sea Lion cruised for wildlife this morning, we were surprised when we spotted orcas. At first, just a lone male dorsal fin was spotted on the horizon. The male breached (perhaps a kill), and then a pod of two females and two juveniles appeared. Awestruck guests watched the active pod before it moved together towards an island rich with harbor seals. Reluctantly, the ship left the pod to continue our adventure.

The quaint town of Wrangell was our afternoon destination. Some guests headed out on airboat rides to the local glacier while others visited Chief Shakes House and Petroglyph Beach.

Guests on the airboat tour got up close and personal with a glacier, with large icebergs dotting the river as they reached the glacier face. One boat also spotted two male moose along one of the island banks.

At Chief Shakes, an interpreter from the Raven Clan shared the history of the ceremonial house and stories of Raven. All participated in a welcome dance after learning the specific moves for men and women. Guests arrived at Petroglyph Beach while it was submerged at high tide, but those who visited were able to see the orca and raven carvings, as well as rubbings of the sample petroglyph examples on the interpretive deck. Then a few brave guests hiked up Mt. Dewey, enjoying the peace of the new forest.

Crab Fest was a huge success for dinner while the Global Explorers enjoyed pizza and the movie, The Princess Bride.