We started our activities before breakfast, hoping that Mother Nature would reward us with excellent sightings. At 6:00 a.m., we boarded the skiffs and headed into the depths of the jungle. We followed the path of Yanayacu River, home to pods of pink river dolphins. These freshwater mammals have adapted to the murky conditions of the river. A good echolocation system is vital here to allow the dolphins to find food and navigate among the trees.

As we started our exploration, we spotted pink dolphins in the shallow murky waters. Further up the river, we spotted black-collared hawks perched on trees near the riverbank. These raptors are the most common in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. They are elegant and relaxed for photographers and birdwatchers. This hawk forages entirely on fish and is often seen pulling fish out of the water.

This vast, green jungle is home to a number of bird species. Some are commonly seen, and others, such as the white-throated toucan, are harder to find. Today we spotted the toucans as the birds started their morning activities, which are basically courtship and foraging. Toucans are omnivorous birds that cover long ranges to gather fruits and insects. If given the opportunity, they also eat bird eggs.

In the afternoon, we explored just a little of the Amazon Park on the banks of the Marañón River. As we were heading out, the vast jungle gave to us its most precious gift…rain! in vast quantities. There was so much rain that we could not make the visit planned for the day, but we got to experience the tropical rainforest with heavy rains that were much needed by the trees and creatures of the region.

It was another amazing day in the heart of the rainforest!