A beautiful, calm and relatively warm morning opened the last full day of our expedition in the Upper Amazon. After breakfast, we went to explore Yanayacu River by skiffs. We were greeted at the entrance of the river by many pink river dolphins that we were very actively swimming around us.  Macaws, jacanas, herons, terns and several birds of prey were seen all over.

In the early afternoon we started our activities by kayaking around Nauta Caño. Conditions were ideal, a little bit of an overcast sky, calmed waters and many birds flying and calling around. After kayaking, we had a final skiff ride along the creek. Wildlife is usually very active in the afternoon in this location. We were very lucky to see many bird species like flycatchers, herons, tanagers, parrots, etc. At around sunset, reluctantly, we came back onboard with our minds and spirits filled with all the new adventures and feelings that the Upper Amazon has brought to our lives.