There was no need to go far as the greatest show of the Amazon took place just around Delfin II. It was 0500 am, and there was a feeding frenzy around us and everywhere we looked. By 0600 am, we boarded the skiffs and headed into the depths of the jungle, following the path of the Yanayacu River, home to pods of pink river dolphins and various species of birds. The freshwater mammals are well adapted to the river’s murky conditions. In this environment, a good echolocation system is vital to finding food and navigating among the trees and murky waters.

As we started our exploration, we spotted pink dolphins, large-billed terns, black skimmers, egrets, and many other types of birds. Farther up the river, we spotted black-collared hawks perched on trees near the riverbank. These raptors are quite common in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. They are elegant and always relaxed for photographers and birdwatchers. The hawks exclusively forage on fish, and they are often seen carrying fish in their talons.

This vast green jungle is home to a number of bird species; some are commonly seen, others are rarer, such as the white-throated toucan and the black skimmer. We spotted these birds today as they started their morning activities, which include courtship and foraging. Toucans are omnivorous birds that cover long ranges when gathering fruits and insects. Skimmers, on the other hand, eat fish.

In the afternoon, we explored Nauta Creek on skiffs, navigating along the river and through the forest. As we traveled deeper into the forest, the possibilities of finding new species of creatures increased.

It was another amazing day in the heart of the rainforest!