A lovely cool morning invited us to explore an interesting creek surrounded by a lush varzea forest. We loaded the skiff early before breakfast to explore Yanayaquillo Creek. This is a small tributary of the mighty Maranon River.

Pink dolphins were hunting for their meal and surfaced to take a good breath of air, giving us a spectacular show. Some egrets and herons also fished without paying attention to us. The air was filled with lovely Amazonian birdsong. So much to enjoy and to see.

It was an active exploration before we returned for breakfast. Hawks and different species of kingfishers flew alongside us. Two of our greatest sightings were the gorgeous Amazonian umbrellabird and the channel-billed toucan.

After breakfast, we visited Amazon Natural Park. This private reserve has a lovely, protected forest with very mature trees. The biggest attraction is a set of hanging bridges that goes around the canopy of the forest. It is a stunning way to see the ecosystem that hides up in the trees and to understand the rainforest connection.

Our afternoon exploration was in Yanayacu River. We explored it in kayaks and on the skiff. The pink dolphins were having a big feast right where the black waters of the river merge with the Maranon River. Some gray dolphins also joined the feeding frenzy.

As we were enjoying this show, the Upper Amazon blessed us with a gentle rain. We continued exploring this part of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. Flocks of blue-and-yellow macaws along with red-and-green macaws flew above us in the direction of their evening resting area.

There are different ways to enjoy what Mother Nature has created. We were all delighted with her gift to us.