A new expedition in the Upper Amazon started today with an early outing after breakfast. In our first full day of exploration, we visited Yarapa River in the morning where we spotted three different monkey species and many birds, including macaws and toucans.

In the afternoon, after a torrential tropical rain that reminded us that we are visiting one of wettest places on the planet, we went to visit Clavero Lake. Our skiffs took us around the lake and inside a narrow small stream. The rainforest after the rain is spectacular! Animals woke up and were very active. At the beginning of the skiff ride, while entering the lake, we had a delightful sighting of the two freshwater dolphin species: the pink river dolphin and the gray dolphin. Deeper in, we spotted several birds of prey as well as parrots, cormorants, egrets, herons, and many other bird species. We returned to our ship accompanied by a beautiful sunset. A great first day exploring the mighty Amazon.