Today, as usual in this paradise, I woke up in high spirits. I had the feeling that it was going to be an extraordinary day, and luckily, I was not wrong! We had a wonderful day of exploration. We went to the skiffs after breakfast to explore the Yarapa River. From the skiffs we had great encounters with wildlife, including kingfishers, tanagers, and other birds of prey. We saw some mammals as well, including night monkeys and a rainforest tree rat.

Late in the afternoon, after resting, we went for a short but meaningful walk. We visited a short trail, located close to Jose de Paranapura community, that led to a pond where we observed the famous giant water lilies. Later, we celebrated the arrival of our ship at the confluence of the Marañon River with the Ucayali River: the geographical place where the Amazon River takes its name. With a glass of champagne in our hands we toasted the torrential rains, reminding us that we are visiting the mighty Amazonia, one of the wettest areas in the world.