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Our fleet navigates the world in search of adventure. These are the stories they bring back…

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3 Reasons Wildlife Lovers Will Fall for the British Isles

For anyone who loves seeing legendary sites up close and walking around gorgeous landscapes, there’s a destination in the North Atlantic that has it all — actually, make that 6,000 destinations. The British and Irish Isles — which also include Scotland, Wales and the 6,000-plus islands around them — pack in endless fascination for travelers. For nature buffs, a trip to this Atlantic archipelago is an especially magical experience. It’s a chance to see spectacular animals and rare plants in the wild, all while hiking in beautiful surroundings dotted with archaeological ruins and local charm. A voyage around this part of the Atlantic brings unexpected daily discoveries along the cliffs, shores and hiking trails of the islands.

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Simplicity & Sea Life in Sweden's Weather Islands

Off the western coast of Sweden lies a small group of ice-scoured granitic islands. Väderöarna (or the Weather Islands, in English) is one of those places that seeps into your soul. A remote oasis in the middle of the ocean, it’s way off the beaten path, far from the noise and stressors of everyday life.

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The Dramatic Walled City of Saint-Malo

The medieval walled city of Saint-Malo has birthed explorers and privateers, and risen like a phoenix from the rubble of World War II to become a stunningly picturesque small city known for its authentic character.

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