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Dispatches from Alaska: Orca, Otters, Eagles & More

We're back in the wilds of Southeast Alaska and it's going to be one whale of a summer! Our very elated staff and guests have been sharing their favorite encounters and the excitement is palpable. Here’s a taste of what it’s like so far. Follow us on Instagram @lindbladexp for more real-time footage and must-not-miss discoveries.

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To say boarding the National Geographic Quest was a moment of indescribable joy would be an understatement.
Sven Lindblad

Orcas Everywhere

"I can't believe how lucky I was to witness this incredible wildlife moment. There were so many orcas around us. My camera was very shaky in this video because I was seriously about to cry the whole time." —Gracie B., Guest, New York City

Photo: Mike Greenfelder, @gahooley 

"After the sea lion craziness we spotted two black fins gaining on us from behind. We slowed down as two orcas got closer and closer until we realized the two fins were hiding two more... little baby orcas! A whole family!" —Kally D., Guest, San Francisco, CA

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The Inian Islands experience was WILD in every sense! After watching some sea lions lounging on a rock, suddenly there was an eerie calm before the wind and the currents started to change and then there were sea lions on the hunt all around us. It was almost too much to take in. Easily the most thrilled I’ve been in the past year and a half.
--Calvin S., Guest, New Haven, CT

“Alaska was the perfect trip after such a difficult year. It felt remote and energizing but also full of life. The setting was absolutely breathtaking.”
—Juan E., Guest 

I was completely absorbed in my delicious dinner when suddenly 50 forks drop at once and everyone flocks to the window to see this enormous whale slapping the water repeatedly with his tail! It was amazing and bizarre. It was like he was trying to communicate something. Maybe ‘Welcome back’?!
Aurelie K., guest, New York City

Inspired to join us? There's still some room this summer on our Wild Alaska Escape: Juneau to Ketichikan. Don't miss out on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.