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  • 21 May 2020

Learn How to "Lime" Caribbean Style

If “liming” were an Olympic event, Trinidadians would win the gold every time. After all, they invented it. Get Inspired By Photos, Videos, Webinars, Stories, And Exclusive Offers. Sign Up

What is liming? It’s chilling out, relaxing, hanging out with friends for no reason other than to enjoy each other’s company. There’s a fine line between liming and partying. If you buy food and drinks, clean your house, and invite people to a structured event, you’re partying. If you sit around with or without beverages and shoot the breeze with no set start or end time and no set guest list, now you’re liming.

Caribbean nations have long excelled at exemplifying a laid back, carefree lifestyle; liming can be viewed as an extension of an unstructured, unregimented approach to life.

The Trinidadian music of Kobo Town was made for 'liming!" Watch a reprise of our Virtual Music Lounge.

It is thought that the word “liming” is derived from the slang term for Brits, “Limeys,” reflecting Trinidad’s time as a British colony. The word was coined on Trinidad (where you can spot signs that warn “No Liming” instead of the more familiar “No Loitering”) but is widely used in other areas of the Caribbean as well.

Although Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic’s Caribbean itinerary includes many enriching experiences, it also allows ample time for liming. After all, what would a visit to the islands be without an idyll under a shady beach palm on a white sand beach, steps from a clear blue ocean?

The exceedingly gracious Sea Cloud offers many opportunities for liming as well. Mirroring a quest for the quality of life that gave birth to the concept of liming, spaces aboard Sea Cloud were designed for convivial gatherings. The open and inviting deck areas are natural gathering places, perfect for liming and lolling in casual wear, kicking back in a deck chair, and watching a stunning pink sunset. In fact, Sea Cloud was built according to specifications by Marjorie Merriweather Post who nicknamed a cushioned section “The Blue Lagoon.” It’s not clear whether Post was familiar with the term liming but a comfy sitting area called The Blue Lagoon could only have been designed with the concept in mind.

Sea Cloud celebrates sun and breeze, comfort and hospitality. Traveling aboard a private sailing yacht by its very nature requires liming—unwinding, taking in the scenery amongst new friends, enjoying a relaxed pace—all activities (or lack thereof) that are in line with the Caribbean’s notions of island time and liming.