Antarctica in October & November

Key Information & FAQ

  • How is the wildlife in Antarctica different in October and November?
  • Where can I see emperor penguins?
  • Will I see whales on the October and November departures?
  • How is the wildlife in South Georgia and the Falklands different in October and November?
  • What activities will there be in October and November that are different from the rest of the season?
  • Do I have to be a serious/professional photographer to fully enjoy this voyage?
  • Do these trips allow for landing on the Antarctic continent, as opposed to Antarctic Islands?
  • Will these itineraries visit both the east and west sides of the Antarctic peninsula?
  • Are there solo cabins available on the ships that voyage to Antarctica?
  • Where can I rent gear for the voyage (i.e., boots, parkas, trekking poles…)?
  • What types of elevations are there in Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands?
  • What are the COVID protocols and vaccination policies?