Explore the Arctic this Summer

Which Arctic Expedition is Right For You? 

Stretching across the top of the globe and touching eight countries, the Arctic is rife with opportunity for every type of explorer, whether you seek iconic wildlife, epic icescapes, or enriching encounters with cultures of the far North. This summer is the the time to go and with a host of new offers, find which trip fits your travel needs.

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Svalbard & Norway

Under the midnight sun, photograph epic wildlife such as polar bears, reindeer, walruses, seals, whales, and myriad birds. Cruise and kayak beneath soaring cliffs and tumbling cascades along the Norwegian fjords.


Take a Zodiac cruise through a basalt cave, hike the base of a fjord to a thundering waterfall, or stroll sea cliffs aflutter with gannets and puffins. Encounter local culture, tradition, and music.


Greenland’s icescapes glitter in a dazzling tableau of iridescent icebergs and calving glaciers that we explore by kayak, Zodiac, and on foot. Go beyond the country’s icy surface to experience cultural encounters in thriving Inuit communities.


For the explorer who seeks seldom-seen lands, as well as elusive muskoxen, polar bears, walruses, belugas, and the elusive narwhal. Further south, along the rocky coasts of the maritime regions, we see a different side of Arctic exploration: traces of the peoples who settled these shorelines. Discover Viking villages, a Moravian mission, and other historical relics in a once-popular landing spot for westward voyagers.