The Asian Pacific

2023-25 Voyages

A Unique Way to See Asia

The grand stone temples of Angkor. Bali’s emerald rice paddies. Neon towers that scrape Singaporean skies. Wonders seldom cease on the world’s largest continent—and for every iconic Asian landmark, there is an equally captivating treasure kept secret on a remote coast or distant isle.

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic offers new voyages that take you from Asia’s thriving cities to its coastal fringes, where wild creatures roam, ancient traditions endure, and rich cultural encounters make for unforgettable explorations.

Indonesia & Papua New Guinea

In a region lost to time and enveloped in lore, immerse yourself in lush isles where Komodo dragons roam and the ancient spires of 9th-century temples pierce the jungle canopy. The underwater realms here are equally alluring: dive into translucent waters and encounter colorful corals and sea life in a snorkeling and scuba mecca.


As Japanese cities rise toward the skies and race into the future, the country's ancient traditions endure amid tiered temples, elegant teahouses, garden marvels, and graceful torii gates. Immerse yourself in these cultural treasures, and trace the country’s riveting history from the age of the samurai to the Meiji era and beyond.

Vietnam & Cambodia

Experience the enchanting rhythms of daily life along Southeast Asia’s most storied waterway, floating through the rural heart of Vietnam and Cambodia to age-old villages where ancient traditions still thrive. Discover customs like silk hand-weaving and rice and fish harvesting, and venture beyond the riverbank to encounter the sacred idols at Angkor and modern icons from Phnom Penh to Saigon.