The Asian Pacific and Oceania

2024 Voyages

A Unique Way to See Asia and Oceania

The Asian Pacific and Oceania are scattered with gem-like isles that spark the spirit of adventure. An expedition ship is the only way to explore the most remote corners of this region, where roads are scarce, wilderness reigns, and secluded cultures like the Asmat and Māori celebrate age-old customs.

In 2024, take your final chance to discover these distant shores with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and unlock exclusive experiences aboard our small, purpose-built vessels, before they sail on to new horizons.

Indonesia & Papua New Guinea

In a region lost to time and enveloped in lore, immerse yourself in lush isles where Komodo dragons roam and the ancient spires of 9th-century temples pierce the jungle canopy. The underwater realms here are equally alluring: dive into translucent waters and encounter colorful corals and sea life in a snorkeling and scuba mecca.


As Japanese cities rise toward the skies and race into the future, the country's ancient traditions endure amid tiered temples, elegant teahouses, garden marvels, and graceful torii gates. Immerse yourself in these cultural treasures, and trace the country’s riveting history from the age of the samurai to the Meiji era and beyond.

New Zealand & Australia

On a voyage down under, discover Australia’s Kimberley plateau, with its emerald rainforests and sandstone gorges cut by plunging waterfalls and gem-like pools. Or take in the superlative scenery of New Zealand and the rarely visited subantarctic islands, home to a vast array of endemic flora and fauna found nowhere else on Earth.