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A Conversation with Lesa Bain and Dave Costantini

Dave Costantini headshot.jpgDave Costantini has been at Lindblad Expeditions for the past year and a half working as our Social Media Director. Before Lindblad Expeditions, Dave worked at best-in-class creative agencies focusing on social, digital, and brand strategy, as well as spending his spare time as a professional photographer and videographer. He has almost 10 years of experience working in the digital space.  

  • Dave, what makes social media such a key component of any marketing plan?
  • Not everyone loves social media; it can be a little scary. How do our social media toolkits help Travel Advisors?
  • There are so many platforms, should I pick one to focus on or use multiple platforms?
  • How many social media toolkits do you have available and where can I find them?
  • What social media platforms does Lindblad Expeditions use and how do I access them?  Do you have a Travel Advisor Facebook page, and if so, how do I join?

Access our social media toolkits through the Expedition 360° training platform.

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