Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

Visit the Zoom Help Center for instructions on updating your background in Zoom.

Still Images

(To download, right-click on the image or text link and choose "Save link as...")

zoom-background_aa252.jpegDownload zoom-background_aa856.jpegDownload

zoom-background_sp355.jpegDownload zoom-background_gl486.jpegDownload

zoom-background_gl411.jpegDownload zoom-background_bm650.jpegDownload

zoom-background_bm482.jpegDownload zoom-background_ar409.jpegDownload




Video Backgrounds


1. Go to:

2. Enter password: lexzoom

3. Click the "Download" icon in the bottom right hand corner of the video of your choosing.

4. Select "Download" for the "HD 1080p" option.

5. If prompted, select your download destination folder.