Lindblad Expeditions Celebrates 50th Anniversary of First Citizen-Explorer Voyage To Antarctica

Also Marks the Invention of the Category of ‘Expedition Travel’

 “I look down at the bottom of the map, unmarked by airline routes. Then I noticed that Antarctica wasn’t even on the map.  My enchantment with Antarctica had been so great since childhood that I wondered why I had never thought of it before.  I was aware that the idea of setting up tours to that frozen continent would be tangled with complications.  Going there might even be impossible.  But inspired by koumiss, I boldly announced to everyone, “Our next exploratory tour will be to a place that isn’t even on the map.”

Lars-Eric Lindblad

NEW YORK, NY, January 2016 --- In 1966, Lars-Eric Lindblad made history when he took 57 intrepid travelers on the first ever ‘citizen explorers’ cruise to Antarctica, previously the exclusive province of professional explorers and scientists. January 23rd marks the exact day that these pioneering travelers stepped off the ship and into history at Smith & Melchior Islands on the Antarctic Peninsula.  It was certainly an imaginative leap in the tourism industry of his day, and for its time, almost as daring as a lunar launch today.  

His conviction earned him the designation of ‘father of eco-tourism.’

Lars-Eric Lindblad invented the category of ‘expedition travel,’ and created a model of exploration that Lindblad Expeditions follows today. Fifty years later, under the direction of Lars-Eric’s son, CEO and Founder Sven Lindblad, they are guided by Lars-Eric’s belief that seeing the planet’s remote wild places with one’s own eyes would make each visitor an advocate for preserving and protecting.  And it is his legacy that Lindblad honors and sustains today in their deep commitment to conservation through the Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic Fund.

Throughout the year Lindblad will celebrate Lars-Eric’s personal vision and courage - and that of the fearless travelers who dared join him in going where no tourist had gone before.

  • The commemoration will include the publication of an updated edition of Lars-Eric’s book, ‘Passport to Anywhere’ that charts the history of expedition travel from 1966 to now.
  • Guests voyaging to Antarctica in the 2016/17 season will receive a complimentary vintage style edition parka, with a limited edition 50th Anniversary patch, inspired by the sterling silver pin created by Lars Eric for his Antarctic guests many years ago. 
  • Antarctica expeditions on National Geographic Explorer will feature a roster of Global Perspectives Speakers, a veritable ‘Who’s Who,’ giving guests the opportunity to share an adventure with some of the greatest names in polar exploration.  
  • Special activities and programs are being planned and will be announced throughout the year.    

Lindblad Expeditions 2016/17 Antarctica expeditions include the 14-day Journey to Antarctica: The White Continent with rates beginning at $13,360 per person based on double occupancy in a category 1 cabin, and $22,430 for the 24-day Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands.  

For reservations or additional information on Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic voyages to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places on Earth, visit, call 1-800-EXPEDITION (1-800-397-3348) or contact your travel advisor. 

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