A peaceful anchorage near the head of Aaltanhash Inlet allowed guests of National Geographic Venture to awaken to a smack of moon jellies (Aurelia aurita) roaming the fjord. After an early morning scan of the shoreline and surrounding water, several humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) were spotted gently feeding around the ship. After breakfast, guests departed in Zodiacs to observe the whales and explore the surrounding area. After an eventful morning, guests returned to the ship for lunch before turning their attention to the terrestrial ecosystems. Naturalists guided excursions throughout the salt marsh and intertidal regions with a small group attempting to penetrate the thick undergrowth in search of an inland lake. Fresh signs of recent bear activity were found throughout the area: bedding locations, fish remains, and a rare glimpse at a perennial bear trail. After returning to the ship, National Geographic Venture departed for a cruise along the shore of Princess Royal Island and a brief search for bears before dropping anchor south of Hartley Bay for the evening.