As the sun rose over the horizon, it exposed the highest peaks of the mountains before lighting up the magnificent icebergs drifting silently around our ship, all as we made our way west into Scoresby Sound which contains one of the largest fjord systems in the world.

As we approached our morning destination of Vikingbugt, the flat, calm waters of the fjord swirled with stunning pancake ice, a sure sign that the seasons are once again changing, and that winter will soon be on its way. Here at Vikingbugt, we jumped in our Zodiacs and spent two wonderful hours exploring the ice-filled fjord. It’s always stunning to see ice up close and personal, and the icebergs today were spectacular! We were super lucky and spotted two solitary polar bears resting on the slopes up high above us, basking in the light of the morning sun.

This afternoon, we listened to a lecture by the undersea team and looked at some plankton critters under the microscope before cruising through more of the stunning fjord systems of Scoresby Sound. As luck would have it, we spotted two more polar bears right before cocktail hour. What a perfect end to a perfect, adventure-filled day.