Our visit to Alkefjellet was an experience we will not forget. Located in Hinlopen Strait, these steep cliffs more than 100 meters high are home to 45,000- 60,000 breeding pairs of thick-billed murres. We suddenly found ourselves surrounded by thousands of birds. Several hundreds were congregated in the water, others were up in the sky soaring right above us. We well might have been in a scene from a Lord of the Rings film or a part of a fairy tale. During our one-hour long cruise, we kept admiring the changing scenery with quickly changing light.

While we were getting ready for our afternoon excursion on the shores of Lomfjord, our scout team encountered another polar bear. The fifth bear of our voyage was having a nap on our intended landing site. Landing was postponed but we had one of the most amazing polar bear sightings of our trip. Eventually after an hour delay, the landing site was secured, and we could finally set foot on Spitsbergen and go for a nice hike.

Our incredible day at Svalbard ended with another unforgettable experience when we crossed 80° north and officially entered the Arctic Ocean.