The new year continues to provide incredible experiences for guests on National Geographic Resolution. It’s only the second day of January, and it might be hard to top these last couple days even though the year just started. Our day began with a delightful breakfast like usual, but the highlight happened at 8:45 a.m. when we crossed the Antarctic Circle. The ship’s horns blared in celebration. The Antarctic kept shining in all its glory today, and lunch was served outside on Deck 8 while National Geographic Resolution sailed through the iceberg-filled Gullet. The grill was lit up, and it was hard to believe that National Geographic Resolution just crossed the Antarctic Circle.

The afternoon’s activities were very different from the morning. We started with kayaking and Zodiac cruising. The ocean was mirror flat. While the kayakers didn’t travel as far and as fast as the Zodiacs, they still managed to see a humpback whale cruising among their kayaks. Guests on Zodiacs were just as lucky with sightings of humpbacks, minke whales, crabeater seals, blue-eyed shags, and Wilson’s storm petrels. Even though the day was already packed, it was not over! There was one very important activity left, and that was a Polar Plunge above the Antarctic Circle. It was freezing cold, but how many people can say that they jumped into the Southern Ocean in nothing but their swimsuits? It is a story to tell and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.