Today was another day spent traveling in the Southern Ocean. As lunch neared, we were able to get our first view of Antarctica. Anvers Island showed off its peaks, tempting guests with the promise of adventure. As we transited to the Argentine Islands, we were educated by Ken Garrett, National Geographic Photographer, on his adventures photographing King Tut. Next, Geologist Serguei Pomarenko spoke about, “Ice on Planet Earth.”

We spent the afternoon enjoying views of countless icebergs as we got closer and closer to the continent. Many seabirds filled the sky and ocean as we ventured farther south. Once National Geographic Endurance got within close proximity to the Argentine Islands, guests had an opportunity to take a Zodiac cruise to explore ice, penguins, and seals. The Argentine Islands are home to the Ukrainian Vernadsky Research Station, and one Zodiac’s mission was to deliver provisions – vegetables and cheese – to the isolated station. The researchers were very happy for the early Christmas delivery. Calm seas in the evening are making our transit to tomorrow’s sites simple. A spirit of anticipation amongst the guests can be felt throughout the whole ship.