We are on the fifth full day of our expedition, and today was another spectacular one. Very early in the morning, before breakfast, we boarded our Zodiacs and hiked to the summit of Bartolome Island. This island is famous worldwide because of its breathtaking landscape; it offers not only amazing volcanic scenery, but a full view of the pinnacle rock and Sullivan Bay. For those guests that preferred a not-so-intense option, we enjoyed a Zodiac ride where Galapagos penguins, sea lions, and blue-footed boobies were the stars of the show.

After a wonderful breakfast we couldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the small but beautiful golden-colored beach. This place is great for snorkeling, relaxing, and enjoying the sound of the waves. As the surrounding waters are full of wildlife, snorkeling was probably the morning’s highlight for many. We swam along with penguins, plenty of colorful fish, sting rays, octopi, and other interesting species.

In the afternoon we took our guests to explore the underwater world of Chinese Hat, known for its small colony of penguins that never disappoint. The afternoon was still young so we embarked again on the Zodiacs and took advantage of the golden hour of daylight to explore and photograph all the different species that can be observed here.

What a wonderful day in the Galapagos archipelago!