Today we spent the morning capturing incredible photographs of the ship with its sails fully set. The deck crew launched the Zodiacs and we enjoyed a relaxing cruise around Sea Cloud. Afterwards, we followed the chief and second engineers into the engine room for a comprehensive tour of what propels us when the wind is not in our favor. Alarm bells rang and things got exciting as we watched the crew practice mandatory drills while at sea. It was wonderful to see how quick and capable they are while drilling.

The afternoon included three different options for excursions. We were offered the opportunity to take a panoramic coach tour exploring the nature of Cap Corse in the north of Corsica. Also on offer was a cultural guided tour of Old Town Bastia. Folks who joined in the fun were able to explore the upper Terra Nova and the lower Terra Vecchia. For those of us who are photo enthusiasts, our certified photo instructor and National Geographic photo expert led a photo walk, offering tips and tricks along the way.

The day concluded with a traditional night on the aft deck, celebrating by singing shanties with the incredible crew of Sea Cloud.