The morning was very sunny, and the winds were calm. At this time of the year, the rivers are very low. Soon the Andes Mountains will provide more water to these basins, and in a few weeks, the level of the river will rise up again until May. The Upper Amazon looks very different at this time of the year. Many migratory birds arrive at this spot to take advantage of the low water levels. Beaches are formed along one side of the riverbank, and it is a perfect ecosystem for many shoreline birds, such as plovers, stilts, sandpipers, and more.

We began exploring Belluda very early. This is a very well-known spot for birds to nest and feed. We had the opportunity to observe many types of birds, including black hawks, caracaras, blue-and-yellow macaws, parakeets, etc. After a great outing, we went back to the ship for breakfast.

In the afternoon, we went to the beach. Yes! There are several beaches along the Upper Amazon, especially where the river is low. It was a great experience to swim in freshwater surrounded by a clear blue sky as birds flew around. We enjoyed a cold beer to cool off. The water was very warm, and along the beach, we found several storks and orioles thermoregulating. After enjoying the water, we came back to our ship. We quickly changed our clothes and went out again to explore the Ucayali River on the skiffs. The biodiversity of the area is astonishing. We spotted many birds as they hunted fish, which is their main food source. We observed fishermen on very small dinghies, locally called peke pekes, because of the peculiar sound of their engines.

Coming back on board, we enjoyed the best gift of the day: a spectacular sunset with pink and orange clouds all over the sky. Sunsets in the Amazon are one of the most incredible scenes we can admire here, and every day they are different. Today’s sunset offered an exceptional ending to a great journey exploring the Amazon rainforest.