Our first full day exploring the Amazon started at Clavero Lake, a blackwater oxbow lake, where we spent time enjoying both gray and pink river dolphins and many birds. After breakfast we headed out again to explore deeper into the lake and one of the smaller creeks that flows into it. The action started right away with many sightings of interesting species, including an impressive black-and-white hawk-eagle, several white-eared jacamars, short-tailed parrots, yellow-headed caracaras, and many more birds. We also found several three-toed sloths.

In the afternoon we explored a blackwater tributary called Iricahua Creek and got the chance to watch some Isabel’s saki monkeys, including a female carrying a baby. Saddle-back tamarins made a brief appearance, while white-eared jacamars, black-collared hawks, and great black hawks kept the photographers busy. Several blue-and-yellow, red-and-green and red-bellied macaws were seen flying over the river. What a wonderful first day we had in the world’s largest tropical rainforest!