Today marks the first full day of a 10-day immersive journey to explore the rich cultural tapestry, delectable cuisine, and ancient archaeology of Sardinia and Corsica aboard Sea Cloud. Led by Captain John Svendsen, our adventure began with an impressive display of maritime skill as we watched the sailors rig the sails, a demonstration that combined both tradition and expertise.

After a delicious buffet lunch, the day continued with a captivating presentation by Robyn Woodward on the history of the Nuraghe, the enigmatic stone structures that dot the Sardinian landscape, shedding light on the island's prehistoric past. Guests also honed their creative skills in a smartphone photography workshop by Giulia Ciampini, learning techniques to capture the stunning Mediterranean scenery.

The day was perfectly rounded out with an olive oil tasting session where we savored regional olive oils, discovering the unique flavors that characterize the specific regions. This blend of educational and sensory experiences deepens our appreciation for the diverse heritage of these enchanting islands. We finished our day with a cocktail hour honoring our captain and his incredible crew. It was a wonderful first day!