Today we visited Santa Cruz Island, located in the central part of the archipelago, surrounded by warm water. In the morning we started with a visit to Dragon Hill. This is an area where we can find land iguanas nesting. We began by visiting the shoreline where we found many birds feeding on the coast. A great blue heron was feeding in the tidal pools, displaying its skills when catching damselfish.

We continued inland through the cactus and incense tree forest. Here we saw the very famous Darwin finches; they were looking for the remaining seeds in the middle of the dry season. Finally, we arrived at Dragon Hill, an area suitable for land iguanas to nest. We not only found these prehistoric creatures, but also a giant tortoise hiding from the sun under the bushes. The morning ended with refreshing and colorful snorkeling.

In the afternoon we visited Borrero Bay, which is a shark nursery. We explored the bay with kayaks, paddleboards, and Zodiacs. We also observed nesting pelicans, and sea turtles mating in the shallow waters.

We finished the day with a wine tasting event as we circumnavigated Daphne Islet.