Our day began with a delightful breakfast. Then it was time for the first presentation of the day, given by naturalist Andreas. He told us about the life and expeditions of Ernest Shackleton and showed us stunning photographs and paintings. What an easy expedition we had in the Weddell Sea.

After a short break, it was time for naturalist Kevin to tell us everything there is to know about ocean governance in the polar regions. Who would have thought that there is so much to learn?

Following a break for lunch, the lecture marathon continued. Berit gave an exhaustive overview of all the pinnipeds that can be found in Antarctica. There are surely quite a few, and there is so much to learn about them. Next in line was National Geographic writer and photographer Michael George, who gave us an introduction to Patagonia. He told us about his assignments in this remote part of the world.

As the ship kept rolling along north, it was time for daily recap. We discussed upcoming plans, and then enjoyed talks on the following: serious penguin-related physics, a detailed look at Antarctic sea ice, and modern art and old photography, in addition to an old photographer. Such a vast input of knowledge over the course of the day was tremendous or, to put it in Peters words, “This sea day was not wasted.”