An hour after midnight we were invited to the bridge to watch the amazing glacial front of Austfonna, one of the biggest ice caps in the northern hemisphere. The midnight sun and the calm winds made it a very pleasant time.

As we continued our day, we stopped at Torellneset for a visit at the walrus haul out and spent some time viewing these amazing animals. The afternoon took us to Faksevagen just beneath the impressive Faksefjellet where we could stretch our legs a bit and go for a hike.

But the day was not over! Expedition Leader Peter wanted all the guests to enjoy the stunning weather and the perfect conditions, and what better way to do that than an after-dinner Zodiac cruise along the gorgeous cliffs of Alkefjellet where thousands and thousands of Brunnich’s guillemots were starting to nest.

The undersea team grabbed the opportunity to go for a dive in the rich waters beneath the cliffs and it was absolutely fantastic, a true explosion of life and color!