After staying up late for the gorgeous views as we passed through The Gullet, we woke up to a calm, crystal clear morning in the Fish Islands. The perfect conditions made the Fish Islands an ideal place to kayak through icebergs and pack ice. Majestic, snow-covered mountains provided a surreal backdrop for our morning among the ice. Not too far away from the ship, we observed a small Adelie penguin colony. Some guests opted for a Zodiac cruise instead of kayaking; they were rewarded with views of a female leopard seal and pup!

In the afternoon, we stuffed our bellies full of Argentine asado, courtesy of our talented galley team. As we transited north, we caught sight of a group of humpback whales taking a rest in the water and occasionally rewarding us with a flash of their flukes. To close out the afternoon, naturalist Mairi Fenton gave us an informative lecture on what it is like to live and work on a base in Antarctica.

After dinner, we arrived at Johannessen Harbour for two rounds of Zodiac cruising in the slightly less bright sky of the polar summer. The majority of the Zodiacs never even made it into the harbor, as humpback whales were putting on a fluke show in the open water next to the ship. It was incredible!