On our third day of expedition, we reached the southernmost tip of the Galapagos, Floreana. We found anchorage at Punta Cormorant and started a day of activities very early. We made a wet landing on a beach with brown, ashy sand and fragments of green crystals called olivine.

Behind the beach, a brackish lagoon is home for some waders, like American greater flamingos. We saw them performing a parade as part of their courtship display. We observed Galapagos ducks. Nesting blue-footed boobies and nesting turtles also occupy this island spot.

Midmorning, we sailed to Champion Island where our guests could see the underwater life from a glass-bottom boat.

Later, we went on a Zodiac tour to enjoy the wonderful underwater world of the Galapagos. Sea lions put on a show as they approached our guests with admirable confidence. We loved it. We saw abundant fish and sharks, mainly the small and harmless whitetip shark.

We sailed to Post Office Bay for the afternoon’s activities. We kayaked through shallow water channels teeming with life of all sorts as we enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

We made another wet landing at Post Office Bay to enjoy some refreshing swimming. First, we visited the mailbox with postcards ready for delivery by other visitors. Pirates started this system of hand delivery in the late 1700s to communicate with home. The tradition is still alive.

It was a great day in one of the most special and natural paradises on earth.