An action packed day started as National Geographic Resolution pulled into Stromness Bay to disembark eager hikers for the much awaited Shackleton hike, with a twist. Not satisfied with following in Shackleton’s footsteps, we opted to take the hike in reverse from Stromness whaling station into Fortuna Bay. Although the ascent was steep, hikers powered up the hill in great time. We enjoyed a brief respite when we met the hiking party from National Geographic Explorer on one of the many lookouts over the bay. Once at the top, our wonderful bartender replenished our energy with warm drinks before we headed down past Crean Lake and back to the ship.

For those who didn’t fancy the early morning hike, the alternative was equally as spectacular. Guests headed up Fortuna Bay to observe the 7,000 pairs of king penguins that call this historic and beautiful bay home.

For the afternoon we headed north to Possession Bay, a rarely visited site here. As we have come to expect, there was a greeting party of fur seal pups and king penguins waiting for us. The site’s simple terrain meant there was lots of exploring to be done. Some hikers opted to head toward the glaciers and around a huge lake whilst others explored the open beachy area. On the beach, we found a colony of gentoo penguins as well as elephant seals whilst enjoying the scenery each time the clouds lifted.