The first inhabited island in the Galapagos, Floreana has very interesting human history. Nonetheless, its wildlife also deserves our attention. Our first outing began at a beautiful green-sand beach, where sea turtles, Diamond sting rays, and flamingos can be seen. These flamingos usually migrate between islands looking for food, but at this time of the year they can be observed nesting at Punta Cormorant. We observed a flock of about 50 birds. This is species is known as the “pinkest” flamingos.

Later in the morning we repositioned our ship and went snorkeling at Champion Islet, an incredible place for underwater wildlife. Swimming with playful sea lions and peaceful sea turtles was highlight for our guests.

The afternoon’s activities included kayaking along the calm coastline of Post Office Bay and a relaxed afternoon at this small but pristine beach, where sea turtles can be often observed. We also dropped our postcards in the historic wooden Post Office barrel, the oldest mail system in Ecuador, before returning to ship, accompanied by a spectacular sunset.