After our exploration, we came back to the ship for breakfast. Later, we snorkeled around Champion Islet. The activity in the water was spectacular. We observed sea stars and schools of multicolored fish, and sea lions played with the guests. The frosting on the cake was a school of bottlenose dolphins. We boarded Zodiacs and enjoyed a great performance as the dolphins jumped around us. What a super experience!

In the afternoon, we motored to Post Office Bay. Several small islets line the coast, forming inlets and small bays. Sea turtles and sea lions live in the area. We observed rays and seabirds like pelicans and sea gulls. Our intrepid guests explored the area on kayaks or paddleboards. Afterwards, we visited the post office barrel that was established by James Colnet in 1792. Colnet was a famous sailor who had the brilliant idea of using a wooden barrel as a “post office” so seamen and explorers could exchange correspondence.

After exploring Post Office Bay, we returned to the ship to cool off and observe sunset from the top deck. We had a wonderful journey, one full of surprises and activities. The wildlife is astonishing and makes visitors feel like they coexist with the animals in this special world that is found on the islands.