Today was an incredible day, one of those days that even the staff will remember forever and compare to other days. We started our morning at a beautiful anchorage called Fox Creek. Guests kayaked in crystal-clear, blue waters, where they spotted small fish and even some sea stars. They hiked into the forest and saw bear tracks, wildflowers, and bald eagles. On top of great hiking/kayaking conditions, we had impeccable weather. The sun was shining, there was no wind, and the air temperature was warm. We traveled a short distance to the Inian Islands, which were an absolute dream. The good weather continued, and we saw so many humpback whales. We observed breaching, chin slapping, tail slapping, and feeding. The Steller sea lions were not about to be outdone, and they jumped, played in our wake, and swam underneath our boats. As if the day couldn’t get better, we saw a rare minke whale that let us watch it for about twenty minutes. To top off the day, we had trivia night.