Today was a typical Southeast Alaska day. The area was graced with low clouds, ribboning through the forests and allowing all to drink, from the trees to the mosses. Oh, beautiful fog — it was amazing how the clouds seemed to green the forest right in front of our eyes. This morning we began with a trip to George Island for hiking, kayaking, and paddleboarding!

As we enjoyed lunch, the fog thickened and lowered to white-out conditions. As proper adventurers we had to pivot our plan to visit the Inian Islands. We anchored at Fox Creek and relaunched our Zodiacs for exploration cruises in the fog, to see if we could spot any wildlife on shore or in the sea. We saw heaps of seabirds, a few sea otters, and heard a whale exhale closely. Even though we could not spot the whale through the low clouds, it was magical to hear it nonetheless.