Thick fog and low visibility may have altered the order of operations, but it did not deter us from a full day of exploration. Our morning offered a plethora of activities; from low tide explorations, to forest hikes, to kayaking, to bushwacking, the sights and opportunities were endless.

After a filling lunch aboard National Geographic Venture, the fog lifted and the ship headed for the Hobbit Hole in the Inian Islands. And my goodness, what a day awaited!

Our groups were delighted by abundant sunshine, calm winds, and playful wildlife. Curious Steller sea lions splashed about, humpback whales spouted along the shoreline, and sea otters cuddled their pups among the bull kelp beds.

To end the day, our Global Explorers filled their bellies with pizza and enjoyed a cartoon movie night. Meanwhile, the adults enjoyed some time-off in the dining room to fully embrace the marvelous day.