The western part of the Galapagos is known for abundant wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Today, we had an opportunity to explore this exotic place. Early in the morning, we invited guests to join us on the bow of National Geographic Islander II to observe the magnificent Roca Redonda formation, where plenty of seabirds can be observed.

As we continued sailing towards the equator, volcanos on Isabela Island impressed us with their beauty. Later in the morning, we embarked on Zodiacs to explore Punta Vicente Roca. We spotted lots of penguins, marine iguanas, and flightless cormorants. Of course, we also spotted some Galapagos penguins. This area is home to the largest colony of the endemic species.

The afternoon was amazing as we got to explore the rich waters of Fernandina Island. We saw countless turtles while snorkeling and on a tour on the glass-bottom boat. We quickly changed outfits and went hiking in an amazing visitors’ site named Punta Espinoza. An impressive amount of sea turtles and baby sea lions greeted us along the way. We saw large groups of marine iguanas. This area is home to the largest iguana colonies in the whole archipelago.

Without a doubt, today was a day our guests will not forget!