Isabela is the largest island in the Galapagos, and one of the youngest. Nonetheless it has lots to offer in terms of wildlife. Our first visit of the day was to Urbina Bay, a wonderful wet landing where the largest yellow land iguanas can be found. Big and bright colored, the land iguanas were right in the middle of the trail, which made photographing them a very easy task. We also spotted giant tortoises from the Alcedo Volcano. This tortoise comes to the lowlands to find food and to nest in the dryer vegetation zone.


Our younger explorers had the opportunity to learn how to drive a Zodiac, and we had so much fun! The afternoon offered a lot of water activities, including kayaking and snorkeling along the caldera of this satellite vent from Darwin Volcano on Isabela. Later we hiked to a magnificent vista of Darwin’s Lake and the volcanic landscape. Not only was the hike amazing, but the sunset was spectacular.