Today is our last full day in the Galapagos Islands, and we started our expedition with an optional early outing. We made a wet landing on Espumilla Beach. Right before we disembarked, we saw at least four pairs of turtles mating and even more turtles underwater. We enjoyed close encounters with one resting female turtle. She finally decided to return to the sea once we disembarked. As we continued, we were extremely lucky and spotted a juvenile Galapagos hawk perched in the mangrove. It was very curious about us but entirely unafraid of our presence.

Back on board for breakfast, we repositioned the vessel towards our next visitors’ site, Buccaneer Cove. Guests chose from various water activities, like kayaking, snorkeling, and tours in the glass-bottom boat. Even though we are experiencing La Niña, we were able to observe various fish. The sea is full of plankton, making it difficult to see the bottom. Rich nutrients provide nourishment to all forms of life in this marine reserve.

Back on board for our farewell briefing, expedition leader Gabriela Bohorquez shared departure details.

Soon after, we enjoyed a very special Ecuadorian lunch. The menu was full of colors and flavors that highlighted local cuisine. Meanwhile, the ship was repositioned once again toward the western part of Santiago Island.

Puerto Egas is a mile-and-a-half-long visitor’s site that is full of life, including sea lions, fur seals, Sally Lightfoot crabs, yellow-crowned night herons, and marine and land iguanas. We watched the waves and an impressive sunset as we closed out the last full day of our expedition.

Back on board, we enjoyed our Captain’s farewell cocktails and the slideshow of our expedition in a majestic place called the Galapagos…

We’ll miss you, amigos. Safe travels. Until next time…