The morning was spent looking for a sheltered bay as the wind was strong at times. We came to Kayak Bay where we had a brief encounter with a humpback whale and stunning icebergs. Guests on Zodiacs were rewarded with incredible wildlife in the form of seals, various sea birds and, of course, gentoo penguins!

Even though it started to snow, our guests enjoyed the amazing scenery and the beauty of Antarctica. The cruise left both guests and naturalists with big smiles on their faces. Meanwhile, the dive team was able to explore a site brand new to them. Very exciting! Lovely underwater scenery and lots of interesting critters to be seen.

In the afternoon, we went to Paradise Harbour and Brown Station for another Zodiac cruise, slowly gliding through the ice to get close to the station and the ever so entertaining gentoo penguins. Straight after the cruise, we came to the point of no return: The Polar Plunge. Some 32 brave souls threw themselves into the ice cold water, some even for a second round!

The day did not end there. Just after dinner, we had the privilege of watching a humpback whale ferociously feeding near the ship.