A quiet calm surrounds National Geographic Sea Bird as the sun crests the dunes to the west. Magdalena Bay begins to stir as guests enjoy breakfast and coffee onboard. Before long, local pangas arrive to take everyone out searching for grey whales and their young calves. The endeavor is fruitful, and guests see more than they set out to find with a pair of bald eagles nesting along the banks of the lagoon.

After a short reposition in the afternoon, all disembark to explore Sand Dollar Beach, a staple of Lindblad’s Baja itinerary. A half mile wide strip of scrubby sand dunes awaits to be explored, hemmed in on the Pacific Ocean on one side and the calmer waters of Magdelena Bay on the other. Many remnants of echinoderms and seabirds can be found, bleached among shells that litter the shore.