It was the last day of our twelve-day trip and we plan to make the excursions memorable. Many guests were up by dawn in stretch class or on the bow looking for wildlife. After breakfast, we visited Punta Colorada on the island of San Jose to walk up the canyon or along a sandstone bluff. The striped bluff has layers of pink sediment between layers of marine sediment laden with shells in the process of fossilization. Out on the layered promontory surrounded by water, we found a turtle fossil as well as two whale vertebras embedded in the stone.

After lunch, we set up our chairs and shade canopy on a lovely beach called Puerto Gato. Surrounding us was an even deeper red striped sandstone. Guests snorkeled over a rocky reef with healthy looking corals and colorful fish. Some chose to kayak or standup paddleboard and others took their second hike of the day up the arroyo.

Dinner was delicious with a spongy chocolate cake for dessert in the lounge as we viewed our collaborative slideshow. Oh, the places we’ve been! We leave tomorrow with new friends.