Our magical day started bright and early with beautiful sunny skies and views of the incredible uplifted limestone cliffs of Makatea. We sailed the rolling swells of the South Pacific and set off for an incredible day on the island.

The birders were treated to incredible sightings of a few very exciting birds, including the rare and endemic Makatea fruit dove! We also saw the endemic Tuamotu reed warbler, and the endangered Polynesian imperial pigeon.

Some chose to hike the main road and others took a truck tour, but we all ended up at the scenic underground grotto for a cleansing dip in beautiful fresh water. The grotto fairies (also known as the undersea team) scattered a bunch of small lights to illuminate our way underwater. It was truly a magical experience to swim in those cooling waters!

In the afternoon we were treated to a beautiful drift snorkel with all sorts of undersea creatures, including titan triggerfish and crown-of-thorns sea stars. What a magical, full day at Makatea!