After a night ashore, National Geographic Explorer’s guests bathed in the bright morning sunshine in Saint Lucia and prepared for the day’s activities. Striking out in all directions, guests headed to Hluhluwe Wildlife Reserve to see elephants, and boat cruises to view hippos wallowing in the mud. 

For those who had missed Eshowe the previous day, a visit to an amazing Zulu cultural site beckoned. At one of Eshowe’s outlying villages, we saw how the people of Zululand live, in widely dispersed settlements that might stretch for miles across the hills and valleys, a legacy of the structure of their society for hundreds of years. Visiting the head villagers house, we were treated to a symbolic meal and a taste of some home brewed Zulu beer!

A short drive away was Fort Nongqayi, a late 19th century fortification built by the British and home to one of their colonial garrisons. Now the centerpiece of a museum of Zulu culture and even a butterfly dome, guests were able to explore more of Zululand’s colourful and fascinating history.