We started the day at beautiful Monacobreen, slowly cruising by as we sipped the first coffee of the day.

After that, we continued to Mushamna to observe a trapper’s station that was used quite recently. Actually, it is still in use sometimes! The weather was good to us with calm winds and overcast skies. It was the perfect day for our last hike of the trip.

The day continued as we made our way down the coast of Western Svalbard, passing by glaciers and enjoying breathtaking views of the fantastic mountains. At the same time, we listened to a couple of very interesting talks from naturalist Carl Erik Kilander about Amundsen, the greatest explorer of our time, followed by the fascinating story of Michael George, our National Geographic expert, on how he became a National Geographic photographer.

Of course the hotel team made sure we were treated to something special on this final day, and they put on a wine and cheese tasting that left us all with very happy smiles on our faces.

It has been a tremendous journey with exciting sightings of wildlife, beautiful weather, and fantastic people. Both Norway and Svalbard have shown off their very best sides!