Today our guests were treated to an unforgettable experience at Pavlov Harbor. We had a spectacular sighting of coastal brown bears eating salmon, including some cubs getting in on the action. We observed a total of six bears. We marveled at their skill and determination as they packed on the pounds in preparation for winter. The sight of these magnificent creatures in the glistening water was truly a privilege. Guests on Zodiac tours not only got to go upriver to see bears by the waterfall, but they also got to zoom outside the bay to watch humpback whales. Observing whales from a Zodiac is a sight unlike any other. Our guests got to watch them breathe and dive from an eye level view. Their soothing yet explosive exhales were captivating as we sat and listened to them breathe. One of the big highlights was the group’s mass participation in the polar plunge. Our brave and daring passengers ran from the shore into the icy waters as screams and cheers were carried over the water. Tonight, we celebrate our last night together by looking for wildlife in Peril Strait and watching our guest slideshow. Reliving our week through the photos our guests submit is one of the best parts of our trip.