We have been experiencing amazing weather, and today was spectacular! Several activities were on offer in Petersburg this morning, and everyone had a chance to choose two. People on the hike observed dramatic changes in vegetation as the temperate rainforest changed into the very nutrient poor but beautiful environment of the muskeg.

Amy took guests on a Zodiac tour of the harbor. They learned about the area and different types of fishing vessels. They even found some krill and baby salmon. Others went on a bike tour around Petersburg with several scenic stops along the way.

Several guests went on a flightseeing tour over the Le Conte Glacier and the surrounding area. The aerial perspective and the incredibly gorgeous weather offered views that few get to see of this area.

In the afternoon, National Geographic Quest repositioned near the ‘bar,’ or underwater moraine of the Le Conte Glacier. We went out on Zodiac tours around the icebergs. We observed bergy bits and growlers, which looked like sculptural works of art.