In the morning, we arrived at the very picturesque and beautiful town of Reine, also known as the cod capital of Norway. The cod racks are empty this time of year, but normally you find thousands and thousands of cod hanging to dry, ready to be shipped of to all parts of the world. Our guests strolled around for the better part of the morning, some of them venturing further than others, who instead were basking in the sun and enjoying an ice cream.

The fishing community is also an adventure gateway, with high mountains that promise unforgettable hikes. We took our hike at the most southern part of the Lofoten Islands. The small island of Vaeroya used to be home to fishermen but now only hosts summer residents due to its remoteness. Our more adventurous and feisty guests hiked all the way up to the top to enjoy the most stunning view. The guests who chose to stay further down had the pleasure of strolling around the pristine grounds of the old village.